Mind and body – how a healthy sex life contributes to the balance between physical and mental health

It is widely believed that the effect of the mind on the body can result in all kinds of physical manifestations. The way our body responds is not only linked to its physical condition, but to our state of mind at the time.  This theory can be applied to the smallest situations, for example, if we are happy and calm, our body often feels more relaxed and lighter. When we are stressed or anxious, our bodies can develop various physical symptoms such as stiff joints or irregular bowel movements.


Mind helps body, body helps mind

Western medicine acknowledges the strong connection between mind and body and for this reason, doctors often recommend treatments for mental well being in conjunction with physical therapy. These days there are a range of recommendations that doctor’s offer their patients which encourage a healthy mind and consequently, a healthy body.

One such recommendation is a healthy sex life. No other activity benefits both mind and body so effectively and enjoyably. Of course, we all associate sex with pleasure and good fun. But we often fail to recognize the benefits this fun can have on our physical well being.


The effect our libido can have on the body starts well before we enter the bedroom. The mere concept of stimulation and arousal releases endorphins which can contribute to an overall relaxed body.  If you are in the mood for sex this means your body is open to receiving pleasure. Once it begins receiving, a series of positive effects occur both in the mind and the body. The act of sexual intercourse is a form of cardio exercise, and as we know, exercise can positively effect depression and anxiety in numerous ways. A healthy sex life can also boost your immune system, allowing you to build better defense mechanisms against certain viruses.


Once your body is in better form, a game of back and forth begins. This game involves the mind and the body which both effect each other: Your state of mind is positive because you are engaging in an act of pleasure. This will in turn contribute to a stronger body that wishes to maintain this pleasure. A stronger body will then help the mind to strengthen.


Next time your body is feeling weak or you are suffering from any kind of mental hardship, try to focus on a sexual activity that relaxes your mind and open yourself to the benefits that sex can provide for your physical and mental well being.

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