Culinary Eroticism – A Taste of Pleasure

Erotic cooking that will improve your sex life in every bite, every taste and every smell.

Mankind has always been aware of the relationship between food and eroticism. All peoples, even the most primitive, knew the path leading from the kitchen to bed, and the expressions used in relation to food and to sex are also identical. It is not without reason that the words hunger, appetite, taste and desire are used both in bed and for food. The equation is simple: good food equals good sex. The lovers’ bed is a laid table in which the lovers are each other’s choicest delicacies.

We all sometimes enjoy a sandwich hastily eaten at the kitchen counter or at a street stall. To the same extent, we all sometimes enjoy a rapid “quickie”, without great effort and without investment. However, the true artists of love know that good food and good sex – are the taste of life.

In sex, just as in food, the basis for success is the quality of the ingredients. We do not profess to try and improve you: you are perfect as you are! After all, every single one of you is a product of millions of years of evolution and civilization that sanctified the importance of sex and food in our lives. However, in this book, we will be happy to suggest to you a few recipes for a meal before, after, and during the main course.

The recipes in this book – from the kitchen of the celebrated Israeli culinary consultant and chef Emely Goldberg, contain only the choicest ingredients, with the maximum influence on the level of desire and passion.

The erotic flavors combined with the erotic art by the extremely gifted artist Shuly Cohen, creates perfect culinary eroticism.

A Taste of Pleasure” is the first of the “Culinary Eroticism” series, intended for those special intimate occasions.

The book is divided into 4 chapters; ‘Before Sex‘, ‘During Sex‘, ‘After Sex – Craving‘ and ‘After Sex – breakfast‘. Each chapter contains recipes of great food and also of drinks to complete the atmosphere. Every dish uses ingredients that reflect passion and desire and the book offers detailed information about their properties, and teach us that there is a lot more to food than we all think. All the food and images are hand drawn.

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