Changing trends in cyber sex

The introduction of the world wide web bought about many changes in the way human beings communicate with each other. This new form of communication was bound to have a significant effect on sexual relationships. Cyber sex – a virtual sexual encounter in which two or more people communicate via chat rooms, instant messaging systems and webcams, has become a prominent part of the new age of sex.


Arguments for and against cyber sex

While it has changed the way we view sexual interaction, opening us to new possibilities on a sexual and romantic front, cyber sex has also bought about many problems. Such problems include privacy concerns, issues with verifying the identity of the people involved, addiction and infidelity. While some people believed that cyber sex was a passing fad, it remains a popular activity throughout the world and the issues mentioned above are moving into the public consciousness and even into criminal law. To further complicate the issue, social networks such as Facebook have become discussion topics revolving around the issue of cyber sex, making this activity far more accessible than it was in the past.


The problem with cyber sex being accessible is that it can be taken advantage of by the wrong people. Recently, there have been countless incidents of ‘misrepresentation’, where adults pose as young children in order to groom young victims of sexual abuse through the internet. Moreover, revenge attacks through naked photos and videos can also be classified as cyber sex related incidents.


There are, however, many positive aspects of cyber sex. Those who argue in favor of cyber sex have a lot to celebrate these days, with the introduction of new trends and technologies that enhance the cyber sex experience. Cyber sex has become an industry in itself, where internet sex workers engage in online sexual activity with users through webcam focused chat services.    This industry has allowed people to express their sexuality more freely and engage with other people who they are unlikely to meet in real life situations. Cyber sex technology has also allowed couples who live apart to remain in contact in a more intimate way.


Public opinion and even regulation about cyber sex will forever be divided. Like most forms of technology, it has its advantages and disadvantages. It is interesting however to view the new technologies that arise in relation to cyber sex and how society respond to them.

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