JOYA Launch a ‘Top Fans’ application in their Facebook Fan Page


Curious as to how you’re doing in contribute through posts, comments and likes to our Facebook fan page? Click on the “Top Fans” link at the top of our Facebook page to see where you stand. We will reward our top fans with great toys every now and then!

Mind and body – how a healthy sex life contributes to the balance between physical and mental health


It is widely believed that the effect of the mind on the body can result in all kinds of physical manifestations. The way our body responds is not only linked to its physical condition, but to our state of mind at the time.  This theory can be applied to the smallest situations, for example, if … Read more

Changing trends in cyber sex


The introduction of the world wide web bought about many changes in the way human beings communicate with each other. This new form of communication was bound to have a significant effect on sexual relationships. Cyber sex – a virtual sexual encounter in which two or more people communicate via chat rooms, instant messaging systems … Read more

Pre-marital sex among different cultures


Sexual behavior of men and women not only reflects personal needs and desires, but the values of the society around them. In more open societies, sex is celebrated as something healthy and enjoyable. It is as much part of the culture as food and art. In repressive societies, sex is deplored and considered shameful.   … Read more

Movement into the .xxx arena


Dot triple x, or .xxx is a sponsored top level domain intended as a voluntary option for pornographic sites on the internet. The .xxx campaign is led by ICM registry and is used as a tool for both accessing and providing sexually explicit material and preventing access to such material.   Since its creation over … Read more

How does sex benefit our health?


When we are having sex, the last thing on our minds is a healthy immune system and a healthy body. Well the good news is that we don’t only receive sexual pleasure when we engage in sexual intercourse, but a lot of health benefits as well! These benefits include:   fitness: Sex is by far … Read more

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